Athletic Kings Tennis Club: Offering World-Class Tennis Facilities and Programs

Do you love the game of tennis? Or perhaps you’re looking for a place where you can learn and enjoy the sport. In either case, the Athletic Kings Tennis Club has you covered. This world-class facility provides top notch programs and facilities to make sure your experience is one of the best in the world.

The Athletic Kings Tennis Club is located in Dubai, which is home to some of the greatest athletes in the game. Offering both court-side training and academy programs, the club is the perfect spot to refine and hone your skills. With world-class facilities and a knowledgeable staff, the club provides an outstanding environment no matter your level of ability.

Whether you’re just beginning your tennis journey or a more experienced player, the Athletic Kings Tennis Club provides something for every skill level. From classes to drills, from tournaments to clinics, the club provides an amazing range of options to choose from. If you’re looking to make your way to the top of the tennis ladder, the world-class programs at Athletic Kings Tennis Club offer the perfect platform to master your skills.

Unparalleled Tennis Facilities

At Athletic Kings Tennis Club, we go above and beyond to provide our members and guests with world-class tennis facilities. Our courts are well-maintained, boasting superior playing surfaces that provide optimal performance and comfort for tennis players at all skill levels. Whether you are a casual tennis player or a professional athlete, our courts are sure to satisfy all of your tennis needs.

Our tennis courts are not just known for their optimal playing surfaces. Our lighting system is designed for optimal visibility even after dark, allowing players to continue their matches late into the evening.

Our staff also maintains a wide variety of selection of tennis equipment for your convenience. We offer high-performance racquets, balls, and other necessary equipment from some of the biggest names in the sport. We also carry accessories such as protective eyewear and replacement grips.

At Athletic Kings Tennis Club, we recognize that quality facilities are the key to a quality tennis experience. We are proud to offer our members and guests the best possible experience with our unparalled tennis facilities.


Athletic Kings Tennis Club offers a wide range of programs for all levels of skill to make sure that everyone can enjoy participating. Our qualified coaches provide instruction for individual and group lessons. We also offer leagues, where players make their own plans to play in a continual competition series. Our tournaments give participants the chance to step up their game and challenge their skills, as well as have a lot of fun. Besides, we are committed in helping our members to learn other sports and activities that can help them as part of their game, such as yoga and stretching, to help them prevent and improve injuries.

Our members will be able to benefit from an all-encompassing tennis experience with competent guidance and instruction. We also provide the opportunity to hone their skills while they learn the nuances of the game of tennis. Ultimately, our mission is to encourage an active, enjoyable lifestyle that helps our members become better players in a fun and rewarding atmosphere.

The Benefits of Athletic Kings Tennis Club Membership

At Athletic Kings Tennis Club, we offer world-class tennis facilities and professional programs. Membership at the club provides exclusive access to all our facilities and amenities, as well as special membership privileges and benefits.

The club membership fees are affordable and range depending on the type of membership but all members have access to the same benefits. Our different membership types allow everybody the opportunity to join the club and take advantage of the many features available to members.

There are three types of Athletic Kings Tennis Club membership – Individual, Family, and Corporate – each with its own set of benefits. Individual membership offers discounted rates for groups, family memberships allow families to join the club and access special discounts and privileges, and corporate memberships offer businesses the chance to join the club and to reap various benefits.

Members of the club enjoy access to all the tennis facilities, tennis courts, Pro shop, and Pro coaching, as well as exclusive member-only social events, tournaments, and activities. Members also enjoy discounts on tennis lessons and custom-fit tennis rackets.

Members of the Athletic Kings Tennis Club gain more than just access to the facilities and activities – they are part of a club full of exceptional individuals with a shared enthusiasm for the sport. Joining the club is the perfect way for tennis lovers to make friends, get involved in the sport, and start achieving their goals.


La experiencia del Athletic Kings Tennis Club se compone de instalaciones de primera clase, programas diseñados por profesionales y entrenadores experimentados que brindan instrucción personalizada. El club ofrece entrenamiento de tenis profesional adecuado para todas las habilidades y edades. El ambiente es relajado y seguro para que cada jugador mejore en un entorno sin estrés. El club ofrece una variedad de membresías para satisfacer incluso los jugadores más exigentes.

Para los fanáticos del tenis de todo el mundo, el Athletic Kings Tennis Club ofrece una experiencia de tenis única y divertida. Desde entrenamientos ampliamente diversificados hasta programas diseñados para jugadores principiantes y profesionales, el club cuenta con todo lo necesario para ayudar a cualquier persona a mejorar su forma de jugar. Con su combinación de instalaciones de clase mundial y programas únicos, el Athletic Kings Tennis Club es una de las mejores opciones en el mundo para disfrutar de un nivel de juego de primer nivel.

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