A Baby’s First Volleyball: How to Introduce a Youngster to the Sport

Introducing a youngster to their first sport is an exciting time for parents, coaches, and the child! Volleyball is a great option for young people due to its fun and inclusive nature. MitGlobal Dubai Sports strives to create a more inclusive and comfortable environment for young athletes, so here is a guide for parents for introducing their child to their first game of volleyball.

In this article, we’ll explain the basics of the sport, provide age-appropriate activities, and discuss the necessary volleyball equipment for baby athletes. We’ll explain the rules, techniques, and common strategies used by volleyball players at all levels.

Ready to dive into the exciting world of volleyball? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to introduce your baby athlete to their first volleyball game.

Finding a Volleyball Program for Your Child

In order to introduce your child to volleyball, you have to first find a program that will help them learn the basics of the game. Luckily, there are many places where your child can find quality-learning programs, from fitness centers to public schools. Depending on where you live, you can explore clinics, camps, training programs, and youth teams as well.

When choosing a program for your child, you need to consider your budget and their individual interests. In addition to looking for high-quality instruction, don’t forget to make sure that the environment is safe, fun, and encouraging. It’s also important to ensure that the program covers the fundamentals of the sport, such as proper form, technique, strategy, and teamwork.

Youth volleyball skills can help young players develop their strength, coordination, agility, and overall athleticism. Most programs will focus on developing all four of these elements, while some may focus on one in particular. For example, camp programs and clinics may focus more on perfecting technical and tactical skills, while youth teams may spend more time developing team-building skills.

If your child is interested in joining a team, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. First, what level of play is the team at? Finding a team that has players at a similar skill level will ensure that your child has a competitive and rewarding experience. Second, what is the team’s commitment level? Your child should be able to meet the team’s expectations when it comes to practice and tournament attendance. Last, what type of uniform is necessary? While many teams will provide some type of uniform, you may need to purchase additional items for your child.

Safety Tips for Young Volleyball Players

One of the most important aspects of introducing a young player to the sport of volleyball is safety. It’s essential to ensure kids are properly prepared for the rigors of the game, both physically and mentally, so they can enjoy the sport and avoid potential injuries. Here are some essential safety tips for young volleyball players.

Warm-Up Exercises: Just like any other physical activity, volleyball players should warm-up before each game or practice. It’s important for your young player to stretch their arms, legs, and hips in order to reduce the potential of pulled muscles or ligaments.

Proper Footwear: Appropriate shoes are essential for young volleyball players. Make sure your child is wearing sneakers designed specifically for volleyball. Shoe brand Asics designs some excellent footwear specifically tailored to the sport.

Expert Coaching: It’s important to have an experienced coach provide guidance to young volleyball players. This can help ensure the kids gain skills in the correct technique and better understand the game without putting themselves at risk of a serious injury.

Regular Breaks: Volleyball is an intense game, and young players can be at particular risk of fatigue and dehydration due to the physical strain it places on the body. It’s essential for young athletes to get plenty of rest and water between matches, in order to stay properly replenished.

Exciting Volleyball Drills for Youngsters

Introducing young players to the sport of volleyball involves teaching the basics of the game and helping them to have fun. Many coaches and parents of junior volleyball players make the mistake of teaching too much too soon, resulting in players becoming overwhelmed or disinterested. By using drills which focus on the basic skills of serving, setting and spiking, as well as team games, young players will soon build their confidence and fall in love with the sport.

Serving Activities: Young players should start by learning simple overhead underhand serves, with coaches providing support and encouragement. Gradually introduce more sophisticated serves such as jump and float serves. Fun activities to practise serves include throwing a beach ball to practise the toss, and grid-style activities to improve accuracy.

Set and Spike Drills: Players should also practise setting, which is simply throwing the ball up to hit or ‘set’ the ball to their partner. Drills should be aimed at getting the players to react quickly and efficiently to the set. Spike drills should start off basic, with players hitting the ball back and forth over a net. Gradually increase the game complexity as the players develop their skills.

Team Games: As the players become more comfortable with the ball and start to understand the game, more team-based activities should be used. Scrimmages, skills drills, and drills which focus on the key aspects of the game such as serve-receive, offence and defence, should be combined to give the players the ‘big picture’ of volleyball.

Young players should also be encouraged to take part in regular games and tournaments to gain match experience and learn to use their skills in real-life scenarios. Remember, volleyball should be fun – as the rules are quite simple, youngsters should be given encouragement, understanding and extra time to enjoy the game and make mistakes.


Introducing a baby to the sport of volleyball is an exciting journey and a great way to ensure the future of the game. With the right guidance, parents can help provide a fun and positive experience for their child, and help to foster a love of the game that will last a lifetime. Not only does volleyball encourage physical activity and a healthy interest in the game, it can also help a child to develop teamwork skills and life skills which are important and useful skills that will benefit the child in the long term.

By getting involved in the sport at an early age, children can learn the basics of the game, build relationships and make lasting friendships. By teaching volleyball in a fun and engaging way, parents can ensure their child’s growing knowledge and appreciation for the game. Volleyball can offer a lifetime of love, learning, and physical activity. Introducing a youngster to the sport of volleyball is sure to be an exciting and rewarding experience for both parents and players alike.

Do you want to introduce your baby to the world of competitive sports? Start with volleyball! It’s a great way to teach your little one coordination and teamwork, and it can be a lot of fun. Read our article to learn more about how to get your baby into the game of volleyball. Click here to find out!

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