Experience Luxury Tennis at the 7 Star Hotel Dubai Tennis Court

Welcome to the ultimate luxury tennis experience at the 7 Star Hotel Dubai Tennis Court. This court offers the best in modern facilities and amenities, perfect for any tennis enthusiast!

Visitors can experience the highest standard of tennis entertainment and five-star hospitality. From state-of-the-art courts, world-class training and privileged access to some of the city’s most exclusive tennis tournaments, the 7 Star Hotel Dubai Tennis Court is the top destination to experience tennis in a luxury setting.

The 7 Star Hotel Dubai Tennis Court provides an unparalleled level of comfort and opulence, allowing guests to truly enjoy the sport of tennis without a care in the world. Join us for a unique and unforgettable tennis experience!

Location Overview

The 7 Star Hotel Dubai is situated in the heart of the city centre and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The hotel offers guests an array of amenities and is ideally situated to take advantage of all the city has to offer. Not only is the hotel conveniently located near a variety of attractions, it is also within walking distance of many of the city’s cultural, historical and shopping districts.

Pros and Cons of the Hotel Location – One of the main pros of the hotel’s location is that is has quick and easy access to all of the city’s attractions and facilities. Guests can easily access public transportation, the airport, shopping centres and the beach in under an hour. Additionally, it is close to all of the city’s landmarks, so guests can explore the city during their stay. One of the cons to this location, however, is that it is a bit pricey for some visitors.

Population of the Area – The 7 Star Hotel Dubai is located in an area with a dynamic population. According to statistics from 2017, the area had a population of over 400,000 people from over the world, representing different religions, languages and cultures.

Safety of Area – The 7 Star Hotel Dubai is located in one of the safest areas of the city. The streets are monitored by security cameras and there is a high police presence. Additionally, the hotel its self has a 24 hour security service in place.

Facilities and Amenities

The 7 Star Hotel Dubai Tennis Court offers more than just access to its luxurious tennis court. From lockers and showers, to exceptional spa and pool access, you’ll find a vast array of amenities to enjoy.

The tennis court is expansive and well equipped. With five clay courts and two natural grass courts, visitors can practice in a beautiful and well maintained environment. Hotels guests can access for free, while regular visitors are asked to pay a fee.

Guests of the 7 Star Hotel can access the luxurious pool and spa facilities. The pool is bright and spacious, with ample room to lounge and relax. The hotel spa offers a full range of treatments, from massages to saunas, as well as a full-service hair and beauty salon.

In addition to the facilities mentioned, the 7 Star Hotel provides a variety of services and amenities, including a concierge, 24-hour room service, on-site valet parking, business center, and a variety of restaurants and bars.

Schedule and Events

The 7 Star Hotel Dubai Tennis Court offers its members a variety of events and scheduled activities. Every year, we organize a number of prestigious tournaments and competitions for both amateur and professional players. These tournaments give players the chance to compete against other top players from the region and win great prizes!

We also offer regular scheduled tennis lessons for all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tennis player, our experienced tennis coaches can provide you with the training that you need to reach your goals and become the best in your field. Weekday lessons and private sessions are available, so that you can choose the most convenient schedule for you.

If you would like to participate in a social event, our 7 Star Hotel Dubai Tennis Court provides a lively atmosphere for members to socialize and take part in activities. Every month, we hold events such as meet-and-greet, mixers, and themed parties that the whole family can enjoy. Our members can also hold private events at the court, like birthday parties and special occasions.


At Dubai Tennis Court, we offer memberships for all types of players. Whether you’re an experienced professional or simply a beginner, our memberships offer many levels of access, benefits and discounts. Our membership fees can be paid quarterly or annually, and come with a wide range of benefits.

As a member of the Dubai Tennis Court, you will be entitled to discounted court fees and prices. You will also enjoy exclusive discounts on our range of services and products, including coaching and ball hire. And our members will also have access to the latest news and updates on tennis and our court activities, giving you the knowledge you need to stay ahead of the game.

We also offer promotions and special offers for our members, to help you make the most of your membership. So if you want to experience the ultimate luxury tennis experience, then join us today and enjoy the benefits of being part of a world-class tennis court.

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